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Fandom Lore

Finding Identity in Fiction

Fandom Lore is a website dedicated to exploring the complexities and diversity of fan culture, with a focus on fandoms based on Adult and Young Adult fiction. Through the experiences of content creators, the project demonstrates how increasing inclusion and diversity in fandoms is guiding young adults as they discover their identities.

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Seven illustrators from marginalized groups were asked about their experiences with fan culture. The interviews look into how fandom has changed readers' perceptions of fiction. 

The Artistic Journey: Stories of Fandom Artists

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 Indian Visual Development Artist and Illustrator 

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Mexican Freelance Illustrator 

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Caribbean-American Illustrator

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Non-Binary Queer Illustrator 

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Queer Comic Artist 

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Do you prefer to watch the interview videos first? Click here to go directly to the video page.

Story Time
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Writing the Story: An Interview with Author TJ Klune author

TJ Klune, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author breaks down conventions to create space for people who feel there is an “otherness” about them. In our interview, he talks about the importance of getting to write queer characters. He also raises the issue of bigotry in the world, calling out those who have caused others suffering because they are afraid of others who are different.

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Hi, I’m Viviana

Fan Culture has been a part of my life since I was a little girl, watching my dad obsess over Superman. Everyone's journey into fan culture is unique. While some people may have experienced the toxicity that surrounds social media platforms, many have benefited from fandom, having found a safe community. Each story is unique, and while you have read and seen the experience of the content creator, here is my experience in fan culture as a consumer of fandom content.

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The Origin of Fandom Lore

This website grew beyond what I had planned for the project and has evolved into this journalism piece of a website. Read on to find out how this website aims to share how influential fandom communities can be in influencing media representation of marginalized people.

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